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Study Abroad in Guinea, Conakry

3 Week Sessions. Open to the general public.
Immerse Yourself in West African Culture

Experience life in an African village! Study in Guinea with Borenya and learn traditional African drumming, dancing, and singing with Guinea's most talented artists.

Enrollment is open to students and professionals worldwide, including the general public. You do not need to be enrolled at a college or university to participate in this study abroad program.


African Music & Dance Course Overview


In these 3 week long cultural immersion sessions participants will be introduced to a wide range of topics related to African culture, philosophy, and daily life. The adventure will begin in the capitol city of Conakry. We will then embark on an 8 hour journey into the interior of the country where we will study traditional drumming and dance. While there, the group will participate in local festivals, make excursions to nearby open-air markets, and observe daily life in a rural Guinean village.

Customized Trips
We also organize customized trips to Guinea that are arranged to fit your specific goals. Contact us to discuss these possibilities in more detail.
Open your imagination !
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