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Thank you Batourouba Diabate, Namory Kouyate and Ibrahima Harbingt. Vraiment, Mercie! 
Many thanks to all artists of Matam and Madina, the Hidalgo center, Les Ballet Africain, Ballett Wasa de Morside, Ballet Sourakhata, Soleille D'Afrique, Ballet Intercommunal de Madina, and all existing and future ones!
Special thanks to Sidy Kouyate, Malick Sylla, Gaspar Conde, Tete Diaz and all the extended global friends of Touré Kounda. Douba Diaby.

New CD from Toure Kounda Percussion of Conakry

SKU: toure1
  • Track 1 - Mande Foli

    Track 2 - Kassa

    Track 3 - Guinee Fare

    Track 4 - Kenfory Dehabe

    Track 5 - Douga

    Track 6 - Soko

    Track 7 - Lamban

    Track 8 - Sankaran Soli

    Track 9 - Les Percussion

                   a/ Koliadon

                   b/ Garaguedon

                   c/ Dununbe

                   d/ Kala Dunun

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